Hey there! I'm Kevin Rizzotto. I'm an experienced Webflow Developer listed on Webflow Experts and I can bring any design to life!

Utmost Project
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336 Edge Interiors
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Sead Travel Agency
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Facebook Recreation
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Twitter Recreation
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Guitar Lessons
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Phuture Finance

My latest client. I built the structure and CSS for Persistent Light Mode. Design work was done by Phuture and their design team. It was an amazing website to work on!

Edge Interiors

Edge Interiors was a great site to work on. I mainly built the configurator which took hours of jetboost configurations and code tweaking but we got there in the end and it was worth it!


My first Client work that I did and it was a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed working on the animations and structure of this site. ( Has been updated by someone else since i worked on it )


WooCommerce Redesign that i found on Figma Community! Pretty good looking design so i thought i'd try it on Webflow.

B2B Wave

B2B Wave is an Ecommerce platform who sent over the designs for the full site on Figma. This is a very simple yet professional design and I was happy to have been able to build it for them!

Rubber Ring

Rubber Ring is a tyre insurance company who I still do work with whenever they need it and it was one my favourite projects to work on. I followed the design exactly and it came out great!

Indigo Careers

This Project had a very complex design and functionality but with some hard work I managed to get the site built exactly how the client wanted it and i'm proud to have accomplished the build of a great design!

Branch App

Branch App were one of my earlier clients and they are used by business as a online banking system. They were great clients to work with and the design was a very fun design to build as it included many different aspects.

Sead Travel Agency

This is a small design i found on Freebie Supply and as simple as it is it is definitely a beauty of page and thought it deserved a build on my showcase!

World's Best Guitar Lessons

Design done by Phil Cook. He ended up not using this design and gave it to me as a project to build up my portfolio.

Find The Best Restaurant

Another Design from FreebieSupply. I used a bit of custom script to have the custom slider nav but apart from that just a little simple template for everyone to clone!

Accounting Template

This is a design I found on FreebieSupply. It wasn't the most complicated design but it definitely helped with building sliders and making them responsive across other devices and also using more complex interactions.

Twitter Copy

My second site that i built on Webflow to try and practice and further develop my Webflow skills. Also the first time I had to use Custom Script for field input labels.

Facebook Copy

My very first Webflow Project. Phil Cook showed me Webflow and i got started straight away on those Webflow Uni Courses! They are great!

My Own Design

I made this design from scratch to see how capable I am with UX/UI designs. Since making this design I feel I have definitely improved on making a perfect site for your clients/customers

What I Do

UX/UI Design

I am able to create/mend websites that are easy to use and will make sure that clients can find what they need with no hassle.

Webflow Development

I use Webflow for all my design/development projects. Webflow is an amazing website and it allows me to meet all requirements the client needs.

Webflow Implementation

If you have a design ready and you want it implemented onto Webflow, then I'll be able to help you with that.  Just get in touch and we can get started.


My name is Kevin Rizzotto and if you need a friendly, reliable and fast service for your Webflow/Web design needs then I'm the guy you need. Whether it's a simple edit or building a full site onto Webflow I can meet any requirements given. For more information please fill out the form to the right or visit my Webflow Page.

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